Ars Praxia’s unique social big data solution 'simpl' (Social influence monitoring platform)
does not merely monitor buzz of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and community sites;
it instantly analyzes unique characteristics of utterers’ networks and notable semantic frames
to establish a differentiated communication strategy and an evaluative scheme
By integrating various data sources,
Ars Praxia quickly captures consumer needs and astutely delivers solutions
Before launching a client’s new product globally, Ars Praxia researched brand perceptions of competitors as well as that of the client, and helped to improve marketing communication strategy.
By collecting customers’ feedback from social media and on-line forums and analyzing the transcripts of focus group interviews with semantic network analysis, Ars Praxia extracted consumer’s underlying cultural code of preference which can’t be discovered through purely observational research.
By coupling innovative design methodologies and text-mining technology
Ars Praxia delivers a tangible output for new product & service design
Ars Praxia and the client worked together to launch a new product and service bolstered by the user experience adapted to specific regional culture
By integrating regional expert interviews, targeted FGI and desk research, Ars Praxia extracted a core structure of user experience that was explained by semantic network structure and design imaging, and finally delivered a new product design with a mock-up
Ars Praxia not only captures live feedbacks but thoroughly analyzes
the proliferation of buzz, identifies influential actors in the network,
and conducts in-depth frame analysis to deliver the most comprehensive and effective
communication & campaign strategies, KPI indices, and risk management services
Ars Praxia and the client worked together to improve communication methods in social media to maximize positive brand experience and instantly safeguard it against negative buzz
Ars Praxia initially developed a customized KPI for social media communication covering Twitter, Facebook, blog and community sites for the client and delivered regular analysis (weekly / monthly) and insight (quarterly / annual) reports. Through regular meetings and instant communication services, Ars Praxia promptly engaged in contingent events and proposed quick strategies as well as regularly participated in social media campaigning
Ars Praxia integrates various survey outcomes from on and off line sources
and develops a unique methodology to investigate underlying dynamics of social opinion
Ars Praxia worked with a media client to resolve the problem of notably low response rate from juniors by utilizing new digital sources such a s mobile apps and proposed a system to analyze the responses instantly
With the help of statistical expertise in multi-data sampling, Ars Praxia integrated smartphone app responses from young (aged 19-39) respondents and phone responses from senior (aged 40 and over) participants to conduct opinion polling and prediction of outcome. The research team also utilized sentiment analysis to capture the dynamics of public sentiment.